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tv   [untitled]    March 18, 2017 2:22pm-2:28pm EDT

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>> we appreciate president trump having listened to the oval office to talk about health care heavy improvements that are being made. the president has worked to bring is your best ideas. these are the republican study committee that brought this good ideas and worked in a diligent way to ultimately get to a guess on this bill with the changes the president asked us to make and we are going to make in the bill. lead up to the chairman of the republican study committee, mark walker. we are excited because it
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distort knowing we are getting a couple of very important things to the steering committee members, work requirements struck the country and something we call block grants that allow the states to be empowered. they should be able to hold the reins in the comes to managing the population. we think this will provide more coverage for those sick and disabled. that is why we have come today to celebrate the american health care act in moving forward. >> i just want to say these are folks that were either a no or a maybe. and we had a nice meeting. we've been talking all during the night. this did not just happen over the last 20 minutes. this has been going all night long. we are doing some incredible things. i want everyone to know i am 100% behind you. i want everybody to know the press has not been speaking properly about how great this is going to be. the ey havbeen giving it a fair chance. the fair -- i call it the fake
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news. this will be great for people. iwatch. i say that is not the bill we are passing. i also want everyone to know always no's or potential no's were all yeses. every single person sitting in this room is now a yes. we make certain changes and frankly, although the block grant is important because and what the states to get the money and to run their programs if they want to run the. they can do it better than the federal government. they are better equipped than the federal government. i want people to know obamacare is dead. it's a dead health care plan. it's not even a health care plan frankly. i watched the architect of the planned release of the working people are stupid who had voted for it. i watched bill clinton say is the craziest thing i have ever seen. only because everyone knows it is on its last dying feet, the fake news is trying to say good
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things about it. fake media. there is no good news about obamacare. obamacare is dead. unless we give it massive subsidies in a year from now or six months from now, we will not be here. more people are on the plan. there will not be any people on the plan. i was in tennessee telling the folks. half of the state has no insurance company. get a half is going to lose their insurance company. is a disaster. obacare is dead. nothing to do with these people. nothing to do with me. it's on a respirator and is just about ready to implode. we could wait six months or a year and let it happen. that's not the right thing to do for the people. this is a great plan. this is going to be fantastic. you will have bidding at the one level by insurance. companies remember this, remember this, those lines are going to come out.
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plans are going to come out but nobody has ever seen before. plans no one has even thought of nowhere going to be devised by insurance companies to take care of people. we are going to take care of people at all levels. i want to let the world know i am one of 2% in favor. these folks are tough and of other constituents and they love this country. these folks were mostly no's yesterday. and now every single one is a yes. i just want to thank you. we will have a health care plan that is going to be second to none. it's going to be great. the people will see that. by the way, it will take a little while ago before it all kicks in and welds together, takes little while. with obamacare it got worse and worse during premiums went up 160%, 58%. the governor of minnesota so the affordable care act, obamacare,
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is no longer for me. your best that is what he said. he is a good democrat. he wanted obamacare. he says it is no longer affordable. it is dead. i want to say thank you very much. i really appreciate it. 100% of the no's are yeses. some of them were strong enough. somewhere just no's and a couple were mixed. i want to thank you folks. we will have a great, great health care plan. thank you very much. >> [inaudible] what you say to the british? [crowd noise]


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